Affiliate Marketing Diamonds in Your Own Backyard

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Affiliate Marketing Diamond in Your Own Back Yard

Ali Hafed was not rich, but he was a wealthy man.

He was wealthy because he was content and, being content, he was numbered among the wealthy.

Until he wasn’t.

Because it turns out a rich young traveler stops by Ali’s town and tells a few stories of diamonds being mined by the acre.

Acres and acres of diamonds.

“Where? For God’s sake, tell me where?” Ali demanded and, that night, he suffered.

That night Ali was not content.

So the next day Ali sells all his possessions and spends the rest of his life striving for treasures he never did find and… according to legend… some new guy buys Ali’s chunk of dirt on the map and… sure enough… finds a few acres of diamonds and lives happily ever after.

Affiliate Diamonds in Our Back Yard

Something “shiny” caught my attention while surfing online and the next thing you know… here I am hanging out with you guys.

This past week I’ve gone through a lot of the trainings and have spent a couple of hours each day just hanging out, commenting, reviewing sites, learning, sharing and pretty much just getting the lay of the land.

I’ve also been taking inventory.

Because I’m here to make money. Plain and simple.

So I really want to know one thing:

What is there to sell?

Even more important…

How can I get started selling that RIGHT NOW?

  • Without building a web site?
  • Without learning how to write reviews?
  • Without waiting for the search engines to rank my pages?

… and is there enough INVENTORY to keep us in cash flow while we wait for the empire WE ARE BUILDING to start producing results?

Check it out…

There is a LOT of company created and member created content that provide INCREDIBLE VALUE and much of the FREE CONTENT is available for us to promote immediately.

For example, our very own Jerry Huang is killing it right now promoting WA – and he openly shares how he is doing it!

Which is very valuable information.

Valuable FREE Information you can promote – right now!

Here is how I did it..

Online Certification Courses are Hot, Hot, Hot

… and in less than 5 minutes you can be INSTANTLY generating more traffic, leads, sales and sign ups.

Like this…

Perhaps there are acres of diamonds elsewhere… but it seems to me that would require a whole lot of work. Digging. Sifting. Sorting. Washing. Polishing.

Where if we simply take advantage of the incredible resources we already have thanks to all of you guys and gals… wow!

Bless and be blessed,

PS – Anyone having success in using automated social media? If so, leave a comment and do tell! Inquiring minds want to know…

Rob Fore
Since 1996, Rob Fore has made millions of dollars in affiliate commissions working part-time in his spare online. Rob specializes in blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, SEO and using automated systems to produce consistent, profitable results.