3 Content Marketing Strategy Examples You Can Take to the Bank

Looking for a great content marketing strategy proven to take your business, income and lifestyle to the next level?


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Because not only will you discover how to create an online content marketing strategy that works – right here, right now – today in the real world…

You will also discover a number of different ways to monetize your content marketing plan as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

3 Content Marketing Strategy Examples

Dylan Reiger is a content marketing strategist who has made a quiet fortune promoting other people’s products and services online by blogging.

He has mastered the art & science of using BIG DATA  and A.I. to find the actual words and phrases people use while ACTUALLY surfing and shopping online.

Once this ‘Golden List’ of keywords is put together – let the keywords be your guide to creating, publishing and promoting new content.

Proven Content Marketing Plan

In a nutshell… (click here for Dylan’s step-by-step model)

  1. Find a profitable niche
  2. Use BIG DATA keyword research to find the EXACT words and phrase your target market ACTUALLY USES in real life when surfing and shopping online.
  3.  Create, publish and promote content based on the keyword research.

There’s a bunch of different niches you can do this in.

  • In 2016, Dylan shares how he got a website over $2,000 in a month in 7 months using this strategy and…
  • In 2017, he used took a new content marketing blog over 5k a month using the SAME strategy and…
  • This year, projects his will probably go over 2k at the 6th month mark.

Can you imagine?

How will your life be different when you start applying these proven content marketing strategies to your business and start raking in an EXTRA $2,000… $5,000… even $9,000 a month (or more!) like Ryan?

Gotta love it.

Rob Fore
Since 1996, Rob Fore has made millions of dollars in affiliate commissions working part-time in his spare online. Rob specializes in blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, SEO and using automated systems to produce consistent, profitable results.