How to Dominate Youtube for Massive Traffic, Leads & Sales

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How we INSTANTLY RANKED 20 videos top 10 on Youtube for 103 targeted keywords, ranked #1 for 29 keywords and banked 23 sales in 30 days from the cold market in a highly competitive affiliate marketing space.

In this case study you will discover:

  • How to stack the odds of video ranking success dramatically in your favor get more traffic, leads and sales fast.
  • The art and science of ‘posting videos on purpose’ to make a profit.
  • Secret video publishing technique to INSTANTLY rank your videos for multiple keywords within hours.
  • The TWO most powerful ranking factors YOU CONTROL that most video marketers completely ignore much to their disadvantage.
  • Why 91% of all the content you ever produce will never see ANY traffic, leads or sales… and what you need to do to change that now.

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Rob Fore

Since 1996, Rob Fore has made millions of dollars in affiliate commissions working part-time in his spare online. Rob specializes in blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, SEO and using automated systems to produce consistent, profitable results.

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