How to Repurpose Blog Content Fast to Cash in Big Time Repurposing Your Blog

Think about it…

Is it easier to edit, rewrite and repurpose blog content you have already researched, written, published and promoted… or, is it easier for you to publish and promote NEW content?

For most of us part-time bloggers who have full-time lives and careers outside of our online ventures… it is often FAR EASIER and much, much more profitable to repurpose blog content you’ve already published than it is to create new content.

Does it Pay to Repurpose Blog Content?

It might be less time consuming to rework, repurpose and optimize the content that already exists on your blogs but does the strategy makes good financial sense?

Are YOU Cashing In By Repurposing Your Blog Content? If not, why not?
Are YOU Cashing In By Repurposing Your Blog Content? If not, why not?

Craig Rut thinks so and he has the stats to prove it.

On my personal blog at – I actually STOPPED publishing new content about a year ago and have since focused completely on tracking, tweaking, optimizing and repurposing the posts, pages, videos and courses I’ve spent the last decade promoting.


  • Delete all obsolete posts
  • Update all remaining posts
  • Determine which posts are creating the most engagement and focus on repurposing that content first and foremost.

Once reworked, I then added a plugin that simply REPUBLISHES the older posts and videos once they AGE by 6 months or longer. Nothing is changed other than the new publish or UPDATE date… and, much to my surprise, the traffic has actually increased over the past year.

As far as the process of actually repurposing the content…

Check out Craig Rut’s post because our methods are pretty much the same and you might be surprised to discover just how easy it really can be to to double, triple even quadruple your traffic, leads and sales and simply turning your current content into MORE and syndicating that.

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore
Since 1996, Rob Fore has made millions of dollars in affiliate commissions working part-time in his spare online. Rob specializes in blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, SEO and using automated systems to produce consistent, profitable results.