Dead Ends & Disaster on the Road to Success

Have you ever PLANNED a road trip... only to encounter SOME CHALLENGE along the way that PREVENTED YOU from arriving at your destination on time and within budget?
Bumpy Road to Success

Have you ever PLANNED a road trip… only to encounter SOME CHALLENGE along the way that PREVENTED YOU from arriving at your destination on time and within budget?

Of course.

That’s the way life works sometimes.

Challenges present themselves. Despite our best intentions and well-mapped plans.

If things can go wrong, they often do. And that’s okay because we KNOW up-front there will be potholes, deadends and even distaster points along our personal journey to success.

Meeting these UNFORESEEN challenges, staying the course and doing whatever it takes to move beyond them is what propels us forward. Admission is free and we ‘pay the price’ of success along the way.

It’s all good.

Have you ever NOT PLANNED a road trip… only to get stopped cold due to a lack of planning?

STOPPED DEAD IN YOUR TRACKS due to a foreseeable challenge?

For example…

Had you checked road conditions before leaving in your car… you would have learned a MAJOR bridge was out and NO traffic was being allowed through. Knowing that, you might buy a plane ticket instead. No problem whatsoever.

But when we fail to plan?! Wow!

That almost borders on being a form of ‘self-sabotage’, don’t you think?

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

I completed Online Entrepreneur Certification course the first week after upgrading to premium. I watched every video, read every instruction, took notes and completed any THOUGHT, planning or scheduling exercises as they were presented.

But I DID NOT do any of the “work” related things like actually set up a blog, write posts and promote.

I did pick a niche, domain, theme, wrote a title, tag line, outlined categories, selected affiliate programs/products and services to promote and… followed along… without incurring any COSTS in time, effort or budget spent in addition to taking the time to learn.

WHY? To survey the territory first.

BECAUSE… for ME… there might be a “bridge out” that would stop me dead in my tracks later down the road. A FORESEEABLE CHALLENGE up ahead that I might be able to completely avoid or at least mitigate by simply knowing it was there. For example…

Do You Really Want to Be a Blogger?

The affiliate marketing model WA presents is a CONTENT DRIVEN, BLOG-BASED MODEL that requires at least 12 one thousand word (or more!) keyword-researched, high-optimized blog posts PER MONTH.

WHO is going to produce that content?

Let’s just crunch the numbers real quick. Let’s say it takes the average GOOD WRITER (are you a good writer? a slow writer? poor, at best? uh, oh!) four hours to…

  • Research the topic
  • Write, edit & optimize the post
  • Add graphics, videos, offers, links
  • Publish and promote

… 4 hours to produce a great 1,000+ word AUTHORITY post designed to rank on the search engines, attract your best prospects and convert them to sale or sign up.

  • 4 hour X 12 posts = 48 hours per month
  • 48 hours / 30 days = 1.6 hours per day

Do you have 1.6 hours PER DAY available to dedicate to JUST producing blog posts? And, if so, how long do you have to continue to produce blog posts? Forever? Three years from now do you want to STILL be spending 1.6 hours a day writing blog posts?

Figure it might take an additional hour per day to complete all the other TASKS involved with building a business from home – like promoting your blog posts, producing videos, creating ads and tracking results. Conducting competitive research and anaylizing your own metrics to discover what is working and what isn’t.

Do you have AT LEAST 2.5 hours per day available to work on your business?

If not, then you have a few KEY DECISIONS TO MAKE before you ever set forth on the REAL JOURNEY. Make sense?


I’ve been “blogging” for well over a decade and… frankly… while we have made a quiet fortune over the years blogging… I burned out on the process a long, long time ago.


  • I could decide to NOT choose blogging as my “traffic” model of choice and would focus my attention somewhere else. Funnel and ads. Automated social media.
  • I might realize there was a LIMITED number of topics and keywords my niche would be interested in so if we produced EVERGREEN CONTENT, it might be possible to ‘work once’ and automate the process?! (3 YEAR EXIT PLAN?!)
  • I might INVEST in content writers…

The BEST course of action, of course, will be differnet for everyone depending on circumstance and situation. And that’s the point. What is PRESENTED in the training area may or may not work for YOU and your situation.

Do You Really Want to Work for 4%-8%?

Lets say you, too, decided to SURVEY THE TERRITORY FIRST before jumping headfirst into the “affiliate blog” model of making money online and one way being taught is to promote Amazon products which pay a 4-8% affiliate commission depending on volume.

Your PERSONAL GOAL is $100,000 in the next 18 months or less.

Following a 12 posts per month blogging model, can promoting Amazon affiliate products have ANY CHANCE of producing the $100,000 income goal you are seeking in the next 18 months or less? (If you don’t know that answer… why in the world would you jump in the water? WHY?!)

My research says, “No way.”

The people who build Amazon affiliate sites for a living produce content on a daily basis and expect the site to produce an average over $7,000 the first year. 2nd year the site is expected to pop to maybe $3,000 or $4,000 per month and stablize there.

So is building an Amazon affiliate blog YOUR way to $100,000 in the next 18 months of less? If so, you have a LOT of work to do. Multiple sites, multiple pieces of content every day. Is building a 100k Amazon affiliate blog in the next three years possible? Absolutely.

Look before you leap.

Think. Plan.

Work Out the Details in Advance.

Begin with the END in mind.

Do the means make sense?

Bless and be blessed,

Rob Fore
Since 1996, Rob Fore has made millions of dollars in affiliate commissions working part-time in his spare online. Rob specializes in blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, SEO and using automated systems to produce consistent, profitable results.