Have You Been Silent Too Long?

You're a miracle and you are a gift. Your story, your story of you getting rid of your pain and suffering now will help millions of people - millions of people!

If you have pain and suffering – find people to help you get out of it.

You are a Miracle!

You’re a miracle. You’re a gift. God created you to be great. Your story, your story of you getting rid of your pain and suffer suffering now will help millions of people – millions of people.

You want to have a cause. You want to have a belief at something great. Learn to help others. The way the greatness is the service of many.

My childhood was really painful.

My childhood was awful. It was really really awful in so many ways. And just one part of that I’ll share with you is that you know the people of the county or the state felt they needed to take me away from my mom and dad, at the age of 13.

And so, I’ve never seen my father after that.

I felt it was all my fault.

Then I went from foster home to foster home to foster home.

And, all while this was happening. I felt I felt that I was unworthy that there’s something wrong with me. That, that it was my fault.

Man, that it was my fault.

Why would someone not want me to be their son? I just never, I could never stand it. And throughout my young years. I’m boys. And I thought it would be. And not only was my fault but maybe, maybe I brought you know if my. If my dad beat me up and did awful things to me and other people did awful things to me, then I probably brought this on and I now understand that that’s the only way a child, an innocent child get to deal with that stuff.

So anyway, I have this super raw. It’s so, um, thank God, thank God that I got my wife Terry. And it’s instead of beating around people that does was sight. They knew what was going on. Everybody knew what was going on.

Everybody turned a blind guide to it, that it didn’t matter that it wasn’t their business. That. Who were they to interfere in the lives of other people’s families. And when you get separated from that and I met my wife.

Then I met her mom and dad and I was going like, wow, this is what it feels like to be loved and accepted and cared for.

We need love & certainty.

We all need love and acceptance we all need certainty in our life, we all need connection and love.

And because of my wife and her parents. I got that. I got that. And from there, I started reaching out, I found other people that would do the awful stuff like they were telling me. Hey, Robert It’s okay, it’s okay, you know, even Oprah, you know, Natalie being sexually abused by family members, and have a child, and then the boss the child, and look at her today. And I started having people that cared for me. And they started sharing stories of people that have been through stuff like me, including words. And they made it gave me inspiration. It gave me hope.

It gave me a sense of connection and love and it made me believe that I would somebody that I was okay, that, that everything was all right. And I became stronger, and I became a believing in myself and I learned to fall back in love with myself. And I learned to to get rid of those ugly, ugly, that I had in my head.

I got my voice back.

And by hanging around people that know – that know that your pain and your suffering and other people that don’t know your pain and suffering want you to be silent. And so thank God for people like Martin Luther King.

That said, you know, people are being treated wrong. They gotta stop being treated wrong and you see people that might have, you know, they might not have the same sexual preferences you do, you might you might not believe the same religion as you do, and they might not make about the same political party as you do, and is live in a world that gotta stop throwing people under the bus that they are different than us.

And so I like I wrote my story. As soon as I got strong really really strong. I got my voice and again, My wife gets so much credit for this. Thank you, sweetheart. I love you more than you’ll ever know. And I became stronger and I got a voice, and I started you know going out there and started finding people that were like, some of my top students and clients that I have that are qualified, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully hopefully millionaires. They came from the same background. They came from their parents not wanting them anymore, a family, not loving them.

So the people in the world that I’ve been no other stories of success people that went through all this ugliness. And now I was doing that for others. And just like Martin Luther King did, you know, it’s like these people and I’m not even saying anything close to them but I’m gonna try until the day I die, to find people that have been silent for too long. That has kept it all inside that because of the Paris moment because humiliation, because of all these things.

Ask for help. Ask for help.

They keep silent in private deal with it, their own mind, their own spirit their own heart. I’m telling you, please, please, please, please ask for help.

Please ask for help.

When I became strong and tried to share with other people that knew my parents. They weren’t supporter didn’t want to listen. They didn’t want to acknowledge that anything had to happen. It’s like, It’s like they deny gay forever. That way when you bring it up, it’s to offer them.

I knew that people didn’t know how to tell me that they were sorry that they didn’t do anything, because they knew they knew. And so now it’s very raw, when I go back home because my wife, looks at families people that have blind eyes. And when you look at Martin Luther King. It’s like you look stuff up you know the the people that have a different sexual preference, that are different, is when they first start getting strong with their voice, it like people violently violently, try to hurt you for. It’s like you’re already up. Like you’re already a victim. And now you work, get strong.

Surround yourself with a good support team of people that understand your head better help you get out of that pain and suffering.

It starts over. It starts over. And you could see that this brought up a lot but I didn’t think that that would bring this stuff up. And you know what, some people got to stand up and fight for those that don’t have them.

Reach out to somebody. And I know what you’re thinking about I can’t pay for. I can’t pay for counseling or psychiatry some psychologists. Now find other people that have suffered and went through the same thing. There’s support groups all over the place and talk to them.

You ARE a miracle!

Open up your heart, get love and get connected and get value and stuff back in your life, you are a miracle. You are a miracle. And it’s time for you to get it. It’s time for you to get it. If you are, if you have pain and suffering, find people to help you get out of it.

You’re a miracle. You’re a gift God created you to be great. Your story. Your story of you getting rid of your pain and suffer suffering. Now will help millions of people. Millions of people. You want to have a cause you want to have a belief that something great.

Learn to help others the way that greatness is the service advantage, the service of many.

Find someone to help.

So, so find someone to help get rid of the pain and suffering learn to tell your story. so you can release it as joy, and to have happiness fulfillment and the rest of your years of your life, and build yourself around the support group that when you start telling your story.

You got people that love you, and are connected with you and say stay strong. you know, people always say to me, you know, well family is love.

You know what I mean, really, no family or people that love you support you and help you be as happy.

Robert Hollis
Robert Hollis is the #12 All Time Top MLM Income Earner in the world and he has mentored 58 people to become millionaires themselves. In 2018 Robert left retirement to help his wife Teri build a new business online - and the rest is history!