Turn Your Passion Into Profit

What do YOU enjoy doing? Have you considered turning YOUR PASSION into a profit center?
Passion to Profits

My oldest son has a severe case of GOLD FEVER.

It's not terminal but there is no known cure.

Unfortunately, his prospecting prowess has yet to reach a profitable apex and finding any significant QUANTITY of gold has been elusive.

Yet, still…

LAST MONTH he pulled in a few THOUSAND dollars!


By turning his passion into profit.

More specifically…

  1. He files a gold claim in a promising area that costs $300 to $600
  2. He ‘works the dirt' in an attempt to alleviate fever symptoms
  3. When the fever cools he takes pictures, core samples and maps the claim with GPS coordinates, etc., etc., and digs into the history of the area and it's gold production.
  4. He writes creates a new blog post/page and LISTS the claim for sale.
  5. He runs a few keyword targeted ADS to the page.
  6. He sells the claim for thousands!

What do YOU enjoy doing? What keeps you actively engaged? Are there ‘others' out there in the world, like you, who like what you like?

If so… have you considered maybe turning YOUR PASSION into a profit center?

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Bless and be blessed,

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