WARNING: Failure is ALWAYS an Option!

Hope for the best, plan for the worst and let's take failure completely off the table right here, right now.
Failure is Always an Option

Houstin, We Have a Problem

The doctor walked in, cleared his throat and said,

“I’m sorry. It’s terminal. You might want to get your affairs in order.”


Talk about an INSTANT brain change.

One minute I’m fighting traffic to be on time and the next minute I’m fighting for my life.

I was stunned. Cold cocked out of the blue by something really big and really heavy. Yet my mind was strangely quiet on the drive home.

And it wasn’t until later that I realized…

If I were to actually die – I would leave my family literally destitute and penniless.

Because it turns out it costs a lot to die of a terminal disease and we didn’t have either life or health insurance to help cover any of those costs. Plus…

At the time, we were making a solid 6-figure income writing and publishing newsletter online.

The challenge was I was the writer, the researcher and the brand. And, yeah, TODAY I realize all of that could have been outsourced and even “my brand” perpetuated like Aunt Jemima … but I didn’t know that back then.

Meet Mayhem Murphy

Back then I just saw a complete 100% wipe out if we didn’t figure out a way to create a full-time 6-figure+ PASSIVE annual income that would not require MY personal time or attention once established.

And that was the sobering REALITY of it.

Plain and simple. So now what?

What would you do if you absolutely, positively, 100% had to create a full time, PASSIVE 6-figure income (or more!) in the next 18-24 months (or less) starting from scratch?

Any ideas?

Because failure has to be 100% off the table.

Completely off the table.

And to make sure we are on the same page…

On or before this date 18 months from now you will have generated at least $100,000 net profit with the last prior three months averaging at least $10,000 per month net profit as evidenced by cold hard cash sitting in your bank account.

You are starting from where you are and cannot beg, borrow or steal any money from anybody to ‘buy’ a business.

You have to create a NEW INCOME, completely from scratch with starting budget of… say… less than $500 a month.

Any thoughts? Comments?

Let’s open this up for SERIOUS discussion because I think a lot of us find ourselves in a similar situation whether we consciously realize it now or later –

If YOU are still trading time for dollars, your financial future is at risk.

Serious risk. Right? So what are YOU going to do about that?

Of course we may have to trade time for dollars right now… but what can WE, as a mastermind come up with to get off the burden once and for all?

Let’s talk about it.

Writing Your Next Chapter

This is a question my wife and I have been asking ourselves EVERY YEAR for the past 17 years… (Yeah. We beat the cancer. But that’s a story for another day.)

How can we increase our income by AT LEAST $100,000 in the next 12-18 months without sacrificing our lifestyle to make that happen.

Meaning we really don’t want to work our fingers to the bone… nor risk everything we have… to pull that off.

It’s a question we ASK and ANSWER every year.

Then map out a plan to make it happen.

THIS YEAR we are planning to go even bigger…

… and YOU are invited to follow along for the ride.

But for now, let’s mastermind the question.

Not what can I do… but, rather, what can YOU do.

Let’s start thinking it through.

Rob Fore
Since 1996, Rob Fore has made millions of dollars in affiliate commissions working part-time in his spare online. Rob specializes in blogging, video marketing, social media marketing, SEO and using automated systems to produce consistent, profitable results.