Bare Foot Man Risks Frost Bite To Claim: Home Biz Saved Me And The Family Fortune

Shawn Saves House
Reformed Skeptic, New Superhero Shawn Smiling Slyly Because He Knows Secret Stuff

“Skeptical Shawn” joined Wealthy Affiliate in January 2017 because he wanted to learn how to make extra money online blogging.

He figured, “It’s free so why wouldn’t you join, right?”

Free training. Free tools. And the ability to earn while you learn.

So Shawns joins because he’s serious this time…

Serious about learning and doing whatever it takes to build a profitable affiliate marketing home business online – in between playing rounds of golf and goofing off with family and friends on weekends, of course – because his goal isn’t to build a full-time income really… just to earn a few hundreds dollars extra per month to supplement his retirement someday in the future so he can play even more golf with his goofball buddies!

Good on you, Shawn! Good on you!!

But sometimes…

Life finds a way to get in the way of living.

Here’s Shawn’s not-so-tragic, but true story with a happy ending.

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate Saved My House!

burned furnitureThe rest of my family were out finishing the rest of their Christmas shopping and I decided to stay at home and work on my affiliate marketing websites.

I was the only one home and things were starting to go along nicely when I started to hear some noises from our outside screened-in porch, which is just off the kitchen.

I ignored the popping and hissing initially but then I finally decided to check to see if someone was in the porch because I didn’t know what the noises were.

They were pretty unusual, if you know what I mean.

As I opened the door to the screened-in porch I was met with a wave of heat and smoke, so much so that some of my hair was burnt. There was a fire in the screened-in porch and there were flames everywhere. click to continue…

Rob Fore
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